Beekeeping is an exciting hobby that provides natural and healthy ingredients for soap and candles. Honey and beeswax are some of the most commonly used ingredients in making candles and soaps. Beeswax is a natural, renewable, and eco-friendly material that burns cleanly and has many benefits for skin and health. Before making beeswax candles, it is essential to start with clean beeswax, which can be obtained from burr comb or old frames.

I found a great article for the basics on making beeswax candles:

The Basic Guide to Making Beeswax Candles

They help you learn how to properly melt your wax and what tools you need, very helpful guide!

Some of the best candle recipes using beeswax from a beehive include beeswax tealight candles, beeswax pillar candles, and beeswax container candles.

Easiest Mason Jar Beeswax Candles

Ingredients/Tools For Making Beeswax Candles

How to make beeswax candles:

  1. Preheat your oven to 175 F.

  2. Position Wicks in Glass Container

    Melt a tiny bit of wax to hold the metal weight of the wick at the bottom of your glass jar as centered as possible.

  3. Hold the Wicks at the Jar Opening

    Tie the end of the cotton wick to a bamboo skewer. Place the skewer rested across the top of the container. Now the metal bottom of the wick should be at the bottom, and the wick will be straight up through the glass, being help by the bamboo.

  4. Fill the jar with your pelleted beeswax
  5. Add Scents if you would like

    The amount is up to you. I personally put in a dash of peppermint and a dash of vanilla. I put in about 2 teaspoons each… I just eyeball it – but if you would like to reuse your recipe, I would suggest measuring what you do put in on your first batch and adjusting according to your personal preferences.

  6. Place Containers in the Oven

    Place the candles on a cookie sheet in the oven at 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Time varies depending on your jar size and amount of wax, so watch the candles closely. Remove when all the pellets have thoroughly melted.

  7. Remove, Cool, and Trim

    Let the candles completely cool before untying the wicks and clipping them down to about an inch off the surface of the wax.

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